How To: Caramel Apple Onion Prank

Just in time for Halloween: this hot blonde in a tank top pulls the classic “caramel onion” prank on her unsuspecting boyfriend.

For this prank you’ll need:

  • Apples
  • At least one similarly sized onion (buy apples first, then match onion to apple size)
  • Caramel apple sticks
  • Caramels to melt (or the caramel apple wrappers if you’re lazy)
  • Sauce pan & spoon to stir
  • Cookie sheet to cool them on (wax paper helps keep them from sticking)
  • Working stove

Here’s more from the YouTube description:

Lyn decided it would be funny to cover an onion with carmel and feed it to Will pretending it was an apple…

Nice, uh, “view” at 3:00.

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How To: Caramel Apple Onion Prank
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