JURASSIC PRANK! – from Mediocre Films

Greg Benson from Mediocre Films. This time he’s cloned a dinosaur and is running loose in Los Angeles scaring people.

Hey, that would make a great idea for a movie, wouldn’t it?

From the YouTube description:

Disclaimer: No dinosaurs were harmed in the making of this video. This was not a real dinosaur. Dinosaurs no longer exist. There are no more dinosaurs. We used a fake dinosaur.

Also, just after I uploaded this video the news broke that actor Richard Attenborough of Jurassic Park died at age 90. I considered taking the video down, but then considered it’s a nice tip of the hat. It’s odd timing, but not ill intentioned. RIP, Mr. Attenborough.

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JURASSIC PRANK! – from Mediocre Films
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