Kissing Prank – Secret Handshake

Another prank where a young man uses a trick to get hot girls to kiss him. These never get old, do they guys?

In this one, PrankInvasion claims he’s trying to teach these young ladies a “hand shake” and if they get it wrong they have to give him a quick kiss. Once you watch it though the “quick kisses” this guy gets seem to go on for an uncomfortably long time, and seem to get pretty passionate for a public street in the middle of the day. Maybe the prank is on us?

Here’s more from PrankInvasion’s YouTube description:

This is my “Kissing Prank” (kissing strangers) how to kiss in public in Santa Cruz, CA! Today we are kissing girls using a secret handshake!

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Kissing Prank – Secret Handshake
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