How to Make a Dissolving Bikini as a Prank

In response to our earlier video, The Dissolving Bikini Prank, here’s a video on how to actually pull this prank off. Very detailed, very good step-by-step instructions.

Below the video are the steps in the process from the YouTube description.

Someone pull a fast one on you? Make them squirm — and get your revenge — with this sneaky prank.

Step 1: Acquire the bikini
Acquire your target’s bikini as stealthily as possible. Or buy a one to secretly modify and give as a gift.

Step 2: Prepare the bottom
Use sewing scissors to gently remove the existing thread from the seam at the crotch, and the seams on both sides of the bottom piece.

Step 3: Prepare the top
Take apart the seams between the top of the cups and the shoulder or neck straps. If possible, take apart the seams between the cups as well as the ones connecting them to the back strap.

Step 4: Sew it back together
Sew each of the seams back together with water-soluble thread.

Water-soluble thread is safe to use in a sewing machine.

Step 5: Put it back
If you secretly altered a bikini, replace it paying special attention to details like its exact position in the drawer or closet.

Step 6: Go swimming
Go for a swim. Pick a private location unless you want to be in the doghouse forever and make sure your target’s bikini stays submerged for several minutes.

Step 7: Enjoy
Sit back and enjoy the show. Consider bringing an extra bikini and a peace offering to redeem yourself after this sexy swimsuit shenanigan.

Did You Know?
The bikini is named after the Bikini Atoll, a testing site for atomic bombs, implying the garment is as explosive as the bomb.


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How to Make a Dissolving Bikini as a Prank
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