Money Talks Prank – from JoshPalerLin

What would you do for cash if a stranger called you on your cell phone and started making all kinds of strange requests? What would it take: $20? $200? $800? Watch and find out.

Here’s more from the YouTube description:

This was definitely one of the hardest set up to film this prank/experiment and this is why it took me two weeks to get this footage:

– We have tried to film this in three different locations over the past two weeks
– Some of the people that we tried to prank either didn’t pick up the phone or never even complete the first challenge
– All the money were real ($20, $200, $800)
– We had three different people watching the locations where the money was hidden to make sure no one takes it
– After he put the money back and walked away, we took the money back right away
– He went back to all three locations after getting exposed and tried to find them, but no money was there anymore
– He went back to the actress and telling her don’t drink from the cup because he “saw someone” put thing in her drink
– We didn’t lose any money while filming this prank

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Money Talks Prank – from JoshPalerLin
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