Zumbis No Metrô – Câmera Escondida SBT [Subway Zombie Prank]

Is this the most elaborate–and terrifying–prank video ever produced? A Brazilian hidden camera show let women get on a subway train alone and then unleashed zombies on them.  Lots and lots of zombies.

I think someone is getting sued.

Here’s more about the prank from the Daily Mail:

This is the moment a woman on an empty subway train is left in terrified hysterics after being attacked by a horde of zombies for a TV prank.
The unwitting victim was captured on film for a Brazilian hidden camera show as the train pulls into an empty station.
But to her increasing concern, the train doors do not open and the lights on the train and the platform begin to flicker menacingly. Terrified, she tries to yank the doors open out of desperation only to be confronted by dozens of walking dead who press their faces to the glass and push their hands through the open windows.
Now in floods of tears, the woman, aged in her 30s, runs through the carriage and is later seen hugging a pole as she realises there is no means of escape.

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Zumbis No Metrô – Câmera Escondida SBT [Subway Zombie Prank]
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